Friday, October 14, 2011

Natural Beginnings.....birthing a new perspective

It is with much excitement that we announce the opening of Natural Beginnings Birth Center.  This is the "baby" that has been growing in the heart of Dr. Susan Roque for a very long time.  To see this dream birthed into reality, and to be able to offer another option for birth to the families of this community is an exciting adventure as well as a privilege and pleasure.

Birth in our culture has very much become just another "condition" to be managed medically.  Birth for many people is seen as a frightening series of events waiting to turn into a crisis.  But many families have begun to question the social norm in the United States and are finding themselves instinctively opposed to the notion that pregnancy is something to be managed and controlled. 

The Business Of Being Born, a documentary by Abby Epstein and Rikki Lake, began to open the eyes and minds of women all over the United States and encouraged them to look at birth differently.  Could it be that birth is just a normal process  and that our bodies, when uninterrupted and minimally managed can truly accomplish such a great feat without the lights and action of the hospital setting?

Natural Beginnings Birth Center would answer that question with a resounding yes.  For most women, out of hospital birth is a safe and empowering option that gives them the ability to work with their body and listen to their instincts about laboring without the sometimes intrusive environment of hospital protocols and procedures.  At Natural Beginnings, women also have the option of laboring and birthing in the water.  The staff, which consists of Dr. Susan Roque, Marcia Ensminger, Certified Nurse Midwife and Nicole Winecoff, Certified Nurse Midwife, has been trained in water birth and finds that many women do not feel the need for pain medication when water is available as a comfort measure during labor and delivery.  Their pools are spacious and roomy and allow for the laboring mother to find just the right position which brings her the most comfort through her contractions. 

Is a birth center right for your special delivery?  Call Natural Beginnings Birth Center and schedule a tour.  Talk to the staff and walk through our peaceful birthing suites where it isn't hard to visualize mom and baby cuddling in our comfortable beds.  Have a seat under our outdoor gazebo, a place where mothers sometimes like to labor in the cool of the evening while sipping a fruit juice spritzer. We think you will find our birth center an excellent option to begin or to grow your family.